Ciechocinek is the largest lowland spa town in Poland, known in Poland and abroad for more than 160 years.The town has rich mineral springs used in balenotherapy and for drinking purposes.Brine graduation towers built in the years 1824-1859 are a unique architectural monument, and aerosol produced by them results in formation of a specific microclimate with medical properties.

Ciechocinek has favourable bioclimatic conditions – plentiful sunshine, small temperature fluctuations, a large number of days with no wind and low precipitation.In the spa town you can treat the disease of the locomotor system, rheumatic, respiratory, circulatory, nervous systems and metabolism.Ciechocinek has many attractions:Inhalation fountain „Grzybek”, the Spa Park with Concert Bowl and summer theatre, which hosts music festivals, theatre and opera.Near stylish “Łazienki” there are famous flower carpets.Spa town is a perfect place for relaxing and rehabilitation.Ciechocinek is also know from Roma festival that happens in the summer in demarcated areas between graduation towers