The city of Kopernik and gingerbread, by many considered to be the most beautiful of Polish cities.Not without a reason; it is a medieval town consisting of three urban units:Old Town, New Town and Ordensburg that has been entered into World Heritage List UNESCO.Toruń is also the town of museums, boulevard by the Vistula, magnificent restaurants and cultural events.

Nearby Nieszawa may be the goal a cycling tour.the main attraction of this small town is a ferry crossing.The current ferry is the only unit of this type in Poland.It has been built as a prototype in Sandomierz.This original construction with side-wheel drive is similar to the steamboats on Mississippi.Currently, information on the running of the ferry can be obtained directly from the ferry service, phone number:660 217 198. Nieszawa invites also to visit the museum, historic churches (the parish and monastery) as well as other tourist attractions.

JuraPark in Solec Kujawski, around 55 kilometres from Ciechocinek, has been opened in 2008 and is one of the largest park of this type in Europe.In the area of the old forest over 100 full-size reconstructions of Mesozoic reptiles were placed, among which most of them are dinosaurs.  The tour leads chronologically through the millions of years of the Earth history – from the Cambrianto the present day.The park JuraPark Solec is also the Museum of the Earth named after Karol Sabath – Poland’s largest paleontological museum.Its exposition includes over 1000 fossils of plants and animals from different partss of the world.Next to them the reconstructions of animals living in the former eras are presented.