Medical & SPA zone, with rich offer of therapeutic and cosmetic treatments, by its cosiness encourages relaxation, recreation and improving physical condition. The Centre Medical & SPA is a continuation of more than 1oo years of tradition. Łazienki II history dates back to 1910.
Since the beginning of its existence, the building housed the prestigious natural therapy institute offering a wide range of therapeutic treatments.Now, in Medical & SPA part, you will find an offer of treatments based on local therapeutic products such as Medical Sledge of Ciechocinek or Medical Lye of Ciechocinek.

The Resort combines the philosophy of SPA an Wellness.SPA comes from the name of Belgian town Spa, know for centuries from hot springs and curative waters.Moreover, SPA in Latin terminology means Sanitas Per Aquam, that is healthy thanks to water.Wellness means a style of life that emphasizes health and self-satisfaction.Wellness should lead to accomplishing of inner balance between body, spirit and mind.Wellness philosophy combines vitality, beauty and happiness.  We would like you to find all this in Łazienki II Resort Medical & SPA, which are recognized by a hundred year old tradition of natural therapy.