Łazienki II Resort Medical & SPA is formed by a complex of two buildings, the Palace under the protection of Conservator of Monuments and adjacent guesthouse.

Resort caters for a wide range of customers by combining, under common brand, offers with differentiated standards.

lazienki2Connoisseurs of historic interiors, fond of classics and quality at the highest level will choose the spacious rooms in more than 100 year old historic palace.Guesthouse part of the complex is the offer addressed to those, who in choosing a vacation destination are mainly driven by the attractiveness of the price.  Both type of Guests visiting Łazienki II Resort may enjoy the ability to stay in the palace stylish interiors and benefit from all our amenities.

Łazienki II Resort Medical & SPA is able to accommodate 200 guests in 101 spacious rooms of differentiated standard and respective prices.

All that in the centre of Ciechocinek, one of the oldest Polish spa towns of undisputed health and tourism values.

Smiling and friendly staff will do everything to make your stay in this unique place an unforgettable experience.

You are most welcomed!