It is a therapeutic method that uses natural factors, such as mineral waters, mud and gases in different forms of treatments.
Balenological treatments increase the immunity of the organism, improve physical performance, positively influence the activity of many organsand accelerate the process of recovery and healing after a history of severe diseases.


Hydrotherapy uses water in different forms, of a different temperature and under different pressure both for therapeutic, prophylactic and relaxing (SPA) treatments.

It is valued for beneficial influence on the cardiovascular system, nervous system and respiratory system, as well as for its  the effect of improving metabolism. Hydrotherapy is also used with great success to treat locomotor system.


Includes methods using different forms of natural and artificial energy surrounding people such as:Electric energy, magnetic field, acoustic waves and light.

Types of physical therapy:

  • Electrotherapy – using direct and pulsed currents of small and medium frequency,
  • magnetotherapy – applying a magnetic field that penetrates the body and reaches every cell,
  • Phototherapy
  • Ultrasoundtherapy – ultrasound treatment


Otherwise, therapeutic exercises, that is treatment using various forms of movement.
Kinesitherapy is used in prophylactics, recreation and rehabilitation.

The therapy is focused on improving the performance of the body and muscle strength, it helps in regaining painless movements of the spine and limbs, helps in controlled weight loss and assists in creating proper movement habits.

Using of the therapy is recommended:

  • for pain in back and joints,
  • limitations of movement and joints,
  • discopathy,
  • lesions of the joints and spine
  • muscular atrophy,
  • paresis of limbs caused by lesions, trauma or neurological causes,
  • bad posture,
  • obesity.


It is the form of treating with cold with the use of temperatures below 0o C.
Cryotherapy relieves the pain, is anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling, improves mobility of joints and relaxes the muscles.