Barbecues, horse-drawn tram rides or outdoor events at the Vistula – are just a few of the suggestions we offer with company events organization in Łazienki II Resort Medical & SPA.In the nearest neighbourhood of Ciechocinek there are numerous places, where it is possible to organize a paintball game, off road tour by the Vistula or through the largest polygon in Poland.   You can always count on our creative propositions of how to spend your free time, that always relate to the potential of Ciechocinek and neighbourhood. There are plenty of different outdoor atractions that can be organised by Łazienki II Palace:

Urban Orienteering: 

An orienteering competition is a race taht does not follow a set route. Instead, you just have to visit a series of checkpoints, Your challenge is first to decide what you think the quickest route will be between the checkpoints and then to find your own way along that route using a map. The checkpoints are not hidden, but they may be dawn small alleyways or behind trees.

Since it is a race your aim will be to visit all the chackpoints in the correct order in as fast time as it is possible. To do that, you need to pick the quickest route, which may not always be the sortest. It is quicker to go over a hill or round it?


  • 10 persons – 3 756 zł
  •  30-50 persons – 6 062 zł
  •  60-120 persons – 10 268 zł
  • 130-200 persons –  15 280 zł


What is your choice? A recreational ride or an extreme trip?

  •  10 quadów– 10 621 zł
  •   20 quadów – 28 309 zł
  •   30 quadów – 28 309 zł

Water Zorbing

Enter the inflatable ball, fasten your seat belts and we will release Zorba into calm water or a rushing river!

3 056 zł